Authenticity in Community

What if “how are you” wasn’t just a greeting?

We wouldn’t wait to open up to one another until the next prayer meeting?

What if we pulled back the curtains?

& actually started to carry each other’s burdens?

What if we listened more than we spoke?

& stopped using each other as a punch line in a joke?

What if we stopped allowing gossip?

& focused on building each other up?

What if we pursued people like we pursue our call?

We wouldn’t allow one another to withdraw?

What if we died to our pride and learned how to forgive?

& love was our only motive?

What if we saw Life as a privilege?

& spoke positively about our college?

What if we stopped taking pride in being busy?

Instead slowed down and cared about people sincerely?

What if we were actually willing to be real?

& allowed our wounds to heal?

What if we became a community based on transparency?

Then we could really be a family.


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